Our focus


Our skilled designers and artisans will help bring your product from concept to fruition. Whether you are starting with an idea, drawings, or an initial rough prototype, we will work closely with you to further improve and finalize your item, and prepare it for production. We are a hands on studio that also utilizes CAD when called for.


We have the ability to create complex patterns for your sewn items, either through hand process measurements and testing, or using CAD. We also can convert your material patterns to digital files for more advanced production.


Our small production department is staffed by expert and capable sewers. We also have relationships and access to larger production facilities in Utah to get your product made with the highest quality.

About UCS

Our goal is to help our clients succeed

UCS was founded by designers and expert sewers and pattern makers to serve the burgeoning Utah and Mountain West entrepreneurial community in support and development of their products. We offer design development, prototyping, pattern making, material and vendor sourcing, sample making, and small run production of at least 200 units.


Our Team

Evan Glassman
Founder, Director
Evan has 25 years experience in collaborative multi disciplinary design, from large scale architectural mosaics to sculptural sinks and other types of fabrication and installation. Evan’s professional highlights include projects for clients such as the Rockwell Group, Chicago Cubs, CTA, N9ne Group, and consulting for Elkay Manufacturing inc.. Evan loves making things and has dedicated his life to it.
Alberto Hernandez
Master Seamster
Alberto is a mechanical genius and has been sewing since the age of 8, at home, and then factories in Mexico City, and Los Angeles. He has a high attention to detail and is adept with a myriad of equipment. When not sewing he enjoys spending time with his family, hang gliding, and soccer.
Kirby Anderson
Kirby has been designing outdoor gear and active wear clothing since he started sewing and contructing things that he needed on his adventures as a child. He continues making innovative clothing for his backwoods and bicycle exploits, and other necessary gear. Kirby is the Mcyver of sewing and gear construction.
Bahaar Rokhva
Bahaar is a design wunderkind and is currently attending University of Utah in the multidisciplinary design program. She likes eating pints of gelato and then running long distances, and is currently saving money to start her organic unicorn ranch.
Theresa Sosa
Designer, Seamstress
Theresa has been designing and sewing her whole life, from her upbringing working in her Uncle’s hand bag studio in Buenos Aires to now, and still especially enjoys bags and shoes. Theresa ia an amazing Scrabble player and a polyglot, she speaks French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian and English.
Kastle Christensen
Kastle took a sewing class in 8th grade and has been sewing ever since. He loves working with his hands to build and create. He grew up working in construction. He is currently studying at Utah State where he is finishing up his degree in Outdoor Product Design. Kastle is passionate about the outdoors and when he isn’t designing new products, he can be found snowboarding, skateboarding, dirt biking, hiking, camping, and hunting. He loves creating and finding functional solutions to simplify products.

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